Friday Flashback to Indiana Renewable Energy Day: Munster Environmental Club Advocates for Community Solar

Photo of the Indiana Statehouse

Remember back in February when the Indiana Statehouse positively buzzed with energy – the renewable kind! Indiana’s Renewable Energy Day was in full swing, and the enthusiasm and determination of activists from across the state was infectious.

A group of young people who made the trek from Northwest Indiana weren’t just there to check a box or participate in a school trip—they were there to make their voices heard on issues that are critical to their future.

Champions of Independent Community Solar

Student members of the Environmental Club from Munster High School showed up to express their support for independent community solar, the idea that individuals and communities should be able to invest in their own solar projects, breaking the monopoly stranglehold of large utility companies.

They spoke with informed confidence, tackling a complex issue with ease. Legislators listened intently, recognizing the power of these young voices shaping not just a distant future, but the decisions of today.

The Power of Youthful Activism

There’s something undeniably powerful about seeing young people take the lead on issues like climate change and renewable energy. Their urgency injects a much-needed wake-up call, their voices carrying a moral clarity often missing in adult debate.

Events like Renewable Energy Day at the Statehouse aren’t just about policy change. They’re about building a movement, inspiring the next generation of leaders, and creating a sense of hope that positive change is truly possible.

If you missed Renewable Energy Day earlier this year, be sure to catch us at the Statehouse next year, when we hope Indiana lawmakers will take up and pass independent community solar so that all Hoosiers can enjoy the benefits of and savings from clean energy.