About Community Solar

Community solar refers to a solar energy system where multiple customers, including households, small businesses, churches, schools, and local governments, can subscribe to receive a credit on their utility bill for a share of the power the solar panels produce. Community solar programs expand access to solar energy, avoid large upfront costs for customers, and provide an alternative to individuals, schools, and businesses unable to place solar systems on their property.

Hoosier homes and businesses, including low-income families and underserved populations, need new options to expand access to the benefits that solar energy provides.

Wait, so where do the panels go if not on your roof? Out in your community! The solar arrays are located somewhere in your area, like a field, building, or parking lot.

The way it works: You sign up to participate in a community solar project in your community. Then, you get to enjoy the benefits and savings from your share of the electricity they produce! The cost is often less than what you’d pay your utility company.