CNET Highlights Some of the Best Solar Panel Installation Companies in Indiana

Solar panel installer working on installing a solar panel as part of an array

The burgeoning community solar industry is proving to be a double win for many regions. Not only does it expand access to clean energy for residents who may not be able to install rooftop panels themselves, but it’s also creating a wave of new job opportunities.

These solar jobs often pay a prevailing wage and can include construction, engineering, sales and marketing, offering a chance for local residents to build fulfilling careers while contributing to a sustainable future for their communities.

As community solar projects take root across the country, they’re injecting fresh resources into local economies. The increased demand for skilled labor to develop, install and maintain these solar arrays can translate into a boon for employment rates.

CNET, which publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos about technology and consumer electronics globally, recently profiled some of the best Indiana solar installation companies:

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