Why Hoosiers Need Community Solar

Energy Freedom: Consumers should be able to choose where and how they get their power.

Economic Growth: Creating a community solar program opens a new market for the solar industry and jobs that pay a prevailing wage. Demand for green jobs in Indiana is projected to increase nearly 30 percent over the next five years, according to a recent report from WorkingNation.

Property Rights + Reuse: Community solar gives farmers the opportunity to lease their land to developers, diversifying their income. It also can be used on brownfields and other land types that are difficult to repurpose.

Energy Resiliency: Homegrown Hoosier energy reduces our dependence on neighboring states and foreign energy sources, reducing energy costs and ensuring grid reliability.

Energy Fairness: Community solar allows all Hoosiers to enjoy the benefits of the renewable energy transition, including low-income, Black, and Brown communities that have traditionally been left out. It also allows people who rent their homes or who own property that isn’t suitable for solar to have an opportunity to own solar and have the credits apply to their electric bills.