Hoosiers for Community Solar launches statewide coalition

INDIANAPOLIS—A coalition of organizations hoping to bring community solar access to Indiana today launched Hoosiers for Community Solar.

The new group will educate Hoosiers about the benefits of community solar and push for potential policy changes that will ensure access to community solar across the state. 

“Community solar” refers to a solar energy system where multiple customers, including households, small businesses, churches, schools, and local governments, can subscribe to receive a credit on their utility bill for a share of the power the solar panels produce.

The coalition includes organizations representing different constituencies that share a vision for:

  • Community and other independent ownership of community solar
  • Tangible savings for subscribers
  • Competitive and transparent markets for community solar development
  • Equitable access to the benefits of community solar for all Hoosiers

Founding organizations include:

  • Audubon Great Lakes
  • Citizens Action Coalition
  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby Indiana
  • Coalition for Community Solar Access
  • Conservatives for a Clean Energy Future
  • Evangelical Environmental Network
  • Faith in Place
  • Hoosier Environmental Council
  • Indiana Conservation Voters
  • Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy
  • Indiana DG
  • Land and Liberty Coalition
  • The Nature Conservancy in Indiana
  • Solar United Neighbors


Adam Forrer, Policy Director of Climate, Audubon Great Lakes: “Renewable energy sources, like solar, are key to reducing pollution, to protect vulnerable birds, other wildlife and communities across Indiana. Polling released by Audubon Great Lakes last year found that 70 percent of Hoosiers believe the state government should do more to expand the use of solar power. Programs like community solar make it possible for those who cannot put solar panels on their own rooftop to still receive the benefits of solar, while helping to speed up Indiana’s transition to a reliable, renewable and affordable energy future.”

Kerwin Olson, Executive Director, Citizens Action Coalition: “Authorizing third-party owned and operated community solar is a no-brainer. All consumers, regardless of their zip code or their income, should be able to participate in the 21st Century energy economy and realize the economic benefits associated with solar energy.”

Marcia Veldman, Indiana Coordinator, Citizens’ Climate Lobby: “Broadly speaking, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Indiana supports legislative policies that will expedite a transformation of the nation’s energy sector to clean sources of energy.  Supporting community solar in Indiana fits nicely in our overall policy emphasis since it should facilitate a more rapid growth in electricity generation from solar energy, thus increasing its availability to a broader segment of Hoosier citizens.”

Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Vice President, Evangelical Environmental Network: “In 2019, more than 21,000 pro-life Hoosiers called on policymakers to advance clean energy solutions in Indiana because they understand that access to clean, affordable, renewable energy is a crucial part of defending the sacred gift of life at all of its precious stages. Right now, monopolistic utilities decide for Hoosiers how their energy is generated. By increasing community solar opportunities, we can put choice and energy freedom back into the hands of each and every Hoosier to decide for themselves.”

Christine Glaser, Indiana Policy Director, Faith in Place: “Community solar is a critical piece of the puzzle in helping Indiana transition away from dirty, expensive fossil fuel. Community solar projects expand the availability of clean, solar energy in Indiana by providing new options for people to be active participants in this transition. That includes low-income families, residents in multifamily dwellings, renters,  and anyone with a roof that is not suitable for a solar installation!”

Sam Carpenter, Executive Director, Hoosier Environmental Council: “Hoosier Environmental Council enthusiastically supports bringing local community solar to Indiana. Hoosiers deserve a choice in how they get their power, and community solar will enable more Hoosiers to make that choice.  Our state’s energy demands are growing, we need community solar as part of the mix to meet that demand.”

Former State Rep. Chris Chyung, Executive Director, Indiana Conservation Voters:  “Across party lines, Indiana voters crave the freedom to determine their own solutions for clean, cheap, reliable energy — community solar is a win for all Hoosiers.”

Zach Schalk, Indiana Program Director, Solar United Neighbors: “Enabling real community solar in Indiana will empower more families to enjoy the benefits of local clean energy. Harvesting the sunshine to produce clean, homegrown Hoosier electricity close to where it’s needed strengthens the grid while lowering costs for every electric customer. With electric bills on the rise, all Hoosiers deserve the right to choose local clean energy and save.”