Columbus Republic: “Grant will energize an array of solar in Columbus”

graphic representation of a community solar development that could be located in Indiana helping low and middle income Hoosiers access clean energy

Indiana received welcome news on Earth Day this year that our state will soon receive more than $100 million in federal funding to help bring solar energy to low- and middle-income Hoosiers.

This recent editorial in the Columbus Republic sums up why this funding is so important for the future of our state:

Solar power has been a growing part of our energy mix in recent years because economically, it makes long-term sense and it’s environmentally sustainable. But because the upfront installation costs are high, solar has been out of reach for most households and cost-prohibitive for low-income households.

But this grant, and the shovel-ready projects that local stakeholders have designed for Columbus, show that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A few hundred low-income households in Columbus will get solar power as a result of this grant. But from an economic and sustainability standpoint, everyone in the city will benefit.

Columbus Republic, May 2024, “Editorial: Grant will energize an array of solar in Columbus”

The Indiana coalition was awarded funding for a solar energy program that is part of a national effort to ensure low-income families have access to solar energy. This program will benefit low-income families by reducing their energy bills and improving air quality. Community solar installations will also create local jobs as they are being built.

Unfortunately, right now independent community solar developments are not allowed under Indiana law.

In order to maximize the benefits of solar energy in Indiana, lawmakers can use this moment to change the law to allow independent community solar development across the state so Hoosiers who cannot install solar panels on their own roof can benefit from the clean energy and cost savings of solar.

By allowing independent community solar development, Indiana can create more jobs, improve air quality and help more Hoosiers save money on their electric bills.