Ten Reasons Why Hoosiers Need Independent Community Solar

Photo of the Indiana Statehouse

For many Hoosiers, installing solar panels is out of reach. Hoosier families and businesses—including low-income families, underserved populations, renters, condo owners and those restricted by HOAs—need new options to have access to the benefits that solar energy provides.

Independent, locally owned community solar offers a range of benefits for Hoosiers in the state of Indiana. Here are 10 reasons why community solar is advantageous for the local community:

  1. Access to Clean Energy: Community solar allows residents to harness the power of renewable energy without the need for rooftop solar installations. This contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a cleaner environment.
  2. Affordability: Community solar projects often have lower upfront costs compared to individual solar installations. Participants can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the significant financial burden of purchasing and maintaining their own systems.
  3. Savings on Energy Bills: By subscribing to a community solar program, participants typically receive credits on their electricity bills based on the energy generated by their share of the solar panels. This can lead to substantial long-term savings on energy costs.
  4. Inclusive for All: Community solar is accessible to renters, individuals living in apartments, and homeowners with shaded or unsuitable roofs. It offers an opportunity for a broader range of residents to participate in the solar revolution.
  5. Local Job Creation: Community solar projects require labor for construction, maintenance, and administration. This creates local job opportunities, stimulating the economy and fostering workforce development.
  6. Reduced Grid Strain: Community solar installations distribute energy generation across multiple locations close to where that energy is needed, easing the strain on the local power grid during peak demand periods, thus enhancing grid reliability.
  7. Supports Energy Independence: By investing in community solar, Hoosiers can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and out-of-state energy sources, promoting energy independence and security for the state with homegrown, Hoosier energy.
  8. Property Rights: Community solar gives landowners the opportunity to lease their land to developers, diversifying their income. It also can be used on brownfields and other land types that are difficult to repurpose.
  9. Local Investment: Participating in community solar allows residents to invest in local clean energy projects, keeping resources and benefits within the community and fostering a sense of pride and ownership.
  10. Improving Public Health: Indiana is top of the charts for asthma and other health conditions related to poor air and water quality. That’s in part because we are still dependent on fossil fuels that pollute the air and poison our water. The quicker we can transition to clean energy sources at scale, the healthier our families and neighbors will be. 

Community solar offers a range of advantages for Hoosiers in Indiana, including access to clean energy, cost savings, job creation, and increased community engagement. It represents a step towards a more sustainable and resilient energy future for the state.

We need solar for all, but Indiana doesn’t currently permit independent community solar. Learn more about what you can do to elevate this issue and let lawmakers know community solar will help our state, our economy and our communities.